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Newly-Arrived Family Needs Your Help!

By Steve Herbold, PJOS Committee

The PJOS committee has been supporting the efforts of the Cincinnati Sanctuary Coalition for several years now. Over the Thanksgiving week, the Coalition began housing a family from the Central African Republic at the Clifton United Methodist Church. The family consists of a mother and her three daughters aged 16,9, and younger. They are documented and the mother has a work permit. Catholic Charities alerted the Coalition of their need for housing.

We, along with all the other churches helping, have been asked to assist with the following needs for the entire family: warm weather clothing, such as sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, long pants, pjs, coats, hats, and gloves, all gently used. The sizes are women’s medium, women’s small, and girl’s large. If you have items you'd like to donate, please contact Martin Herrington at 513-203-4597.

Also on a daily basis, the older girls need transportation to and from school. Right now the mother takes them by bus, which is a long process. The schools are Western Hills HS and Carson Elementary. The mother would ride along for safe sanctuary. To volunteer on a one-time basis, please call Martin Herrington at 513-203-4597.

This project is just starting, and as more needs and details emerge we will let you know.

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