Who we are

We are a house of music and a home of peace.

Every voice is valued here, and every song rings the sound of liberation through the love of God.

This church should be a sanctuary: a place to rest, sing, celebrate, and share.

A beloved, diverse, peace-filled community. Loving our perceived enemies, linking arms to pursue peace with those that hold different beliefs, and learning to see God through the eyes of the marginalized and oppressed are some of our essential practices, believing we make up a small part of the beautiful mosaic we want the world to see of God’s love for everyone.

Our church is to become today what the entire world is to be one day.

Clarity is crucial today in the church.

The world around us is hurting. Communities large and small suffer the traumas that come from white supremacy, misogyny, violence, and spiritual abuse. Too often, leaders who identify as Christians push a story of the faith that works against healing and restoration and deceives their followers into living in fear and shame.


That is not what our God is about. That is not our church. gay affirming gay affirming gay affirming

We have many questions about who God is and what God is like. We find there are more negotiables in our community of faith than irreconcilable differences. And we welcome you to rest here.


So, to be clear: gay affirming gay affirming gay affirming Queen City Mennonite Cincinnati

  • CMF is affirming of LGBTQIA+ individuals. We love all people who identify outside of a cisgender, heteronormative framework and invite everyone into full participation in the life of our faith community.

  • CMF is a safe haven for anyone who is undocumented, homeless, or in other ways economically isolated from community. gay affirming gay affirming gay affirming Queen City Mennonite Cincinnati gay affirming

  • CMF is committed to practicing anti-racism and dismantling white supremacy. We see how the history of anti-Blackness in America has been a plague on generations, and we believe unequivocally that Black Lives Matter.

  • CMF is here for anyone seeking peace, hope, and freedom. We want to offer resources, friendship, and encouragement. gay affirming gay affirming Queen City Mennonite Church gay affirming gay affirming

our leaders
Jaimi Widmer

Jaimi leads our Church Council, which is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of our faith community. Jaimi is married to Neil and together they have two children. Her favorite music is anything in the late 90's-early '00s and loves all things animal. Queen City Mennonite gay affirming gay affirming gay affirming

Pastor Brian Moll

Brian met his wife, Allison, in Cincinnati 25 years ago (Their wedding rehearsal dinner was at the original Skyline Chili!). Together they have four children. Allison is a vocal coach and Brian just received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Drew University. gay affirming gay affirming gay affirming gay affirming 

We believe everyone, including you, can be a part of the leadership that helps shape our community.

We have several committees and teams that would benefit greatly from your involvement. gay affirming gay affirming gay affirming Queen City Mennonite Church Cincinnati Queen City Mennonite gay affirming


In 1974 a small group of folks who wanted to serve and seek the peace of the Queen City began gathering in homes around Cincinnati, believing the message of Jesus leads to a beloved, courageous community that helps bring justice and healing to our city. 

Since 1997 we have met in Oakley, on the corner of Brownway and Minot, responding to the ever-changing dynamics of the neighborhood and the city at large. Community Meals, peace and justice initiatives, supporting our homeless neighbors through Interfaith Hospitality Network, and ongoing anti-racism training are just a few of the ways we seek to inch the world closer to what God had in mind for it. gay affirming gay affirming gay affirming gay affirming gay affirming

Our deepest roots come from what some call the Radical Reformation, a period in history that dates back more than 500 years. Initially labeled Anabaptists (for their belief that people ought to be able to choose whether or not they want to be baptized), the leaders of the reformation clung to a Christ-centered faith of peace, justice, equality, simplicity, and community service. 

We are led by our Church Council, comprised of church members, along with several committees and teams. We are called CMF (Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship) and our church is filled with those who grew up catholic, methodist, evangelical, baptist, presbyterian, mennonite, or of no particular faith, who call CMF "home." We are also affiliated with MC/USA, and in partnership with several interfaith groups, including: IJPC, IHNC, and SCN.