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Climate Change: Good News? by Carol Monson

What do you think would be good news in regards to climate change?  We would like your feedback on this. We know that with all the bad news about this subject, it can be hard to have hope.  It may make us feel we can’t make a difference or give us an overwhelming sense of doom. So this month we are going to give you some good news, most of which is coming from science.

From the Union of Concerned Scientists:

  1. In a big win, states commit to work together for clean transportation. Late in 2018, leaders from nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States and Washington, D.C. announced the launch of an ambitious effort that will place a regional cap on global warming emissions. By 2030, it could save consumers up to$125 billion in reduced oil consumption and cut global warming emissions by nearly 40% below 1990 levels.

  2. Big milestone for US offshore wind power – In May 2021, the Biden administration took a major step toward its goal of bringing online 30,000 megawatts of offshore wind power within this decade by approving the nation’s first large-scale offshore wind farm. By 2030, there could be as many as 2,000 turbines in federal waters off the US coastline from Massachusetts to North Carolina.

  3. A UCS report prompts California to cut ride-hailing emissions. In May 2021, California approved the nation’s first standard requiring ride-hailing fleets such as Uber to transition to zero-emission vehicles. This standard will ensure that 90% of miles traveled by these fleets in the state take place in zero-emissions vehicles by 2030.

  1. Hawaii’s case against Fossil Fuel companies moves forward in a major milestone, a judge in Hawaii ruled that a lawsuit seeking damages from major oil and gas companies for their climate disinformation campaigns can move forward in state court.

  1. On the Road to 100% renewals. A new UCS (Union of Concerned Scientist) analysis shows that many US states already leading in clean energy can meet 100% of their electricity needs with renewable sources by as soon as 2035.

  1. Clean trucks drive change across the country. USC is advancing clean truck and bus policies in California, other states, and the federal level. To learn more about these efforts to clean up truck pollution, go to

  1. Clean energy  victory in Michigan. In July 2023, the Michigan Public Service Commission approved a historic settlement agreement with the utility company DTE Energy that will speed the retirement date of the company’s massive Monroe coal-fired power plant, add nearly 3,800 megawatts of renewable energy by 2030, and accelerate equitable energy solutions for DTE’s 2.3 million customers.

  1. Making the right Federal Climate Investments. The 2022 Inflation reduction Act is the largest ever federal outlay to fight climate change. UCS is working hard to make sure the money is wisely and equitably spent.

  1. Minnesota, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico to adopt a standard a state commitment of 100% carbon-free energy by 2040.

10.  There is a new Maine law requiring the development of new offshore wind power that will provide more than half of the state’s electricity by 2040.

11.   UCS helped persuade five states (Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington) to follow California’s lead by requiring all new passenger vehicles to be electric by 2035.     

12.   There is a new federal rule that will reduce diesel truck emissions by 80% or more. The EPA administrator committed to regular meetings with grassroots organizations (environmental justice groups).                        

13.   California is requiring truck fleets to reach 100% of new sales to be electric by 2036.

14.  From UCS Countdown to Zero. While time is running short to get to net-zero heat- trapping emissions, momentum is growing to change the way we power our world. New UCS analysis shows we can make it and earn climate, economic, and health benefits in the process.          

From Natural Resource Council (NRDC)

15.  US greenhouse emissions dropped for 2023 despite economic gains.

16.  NRDC win – no drilling in the arctic refuge

17.  NRDC win – EPA vetoes Pebble mine

18.  NRDC win- outcry spurs USPS to do U-turn – They pledge to purchase thousands of clean EV’s instead of plans to buy more polluting trucks.

 19.  NRDC win. Big surge for energy efficiency – Updated federal energy  efficiency standards for 20 categories are poised to save consumers $650 billion in utility bills while cutting carbon pollution.

 20.  New York City organics go curbside – The city is taking a big bite out of climate busting methane by requiring curbside collection and composting of food scraps and yard waste.

 21.  From Green America- You can gain much when you Buy Nothing. Across the country groups are popping up where people can participate in low-consumption and low waste communities. What makes them special is that they challenge American culture’s “buy more” messaging s they help people save money and engage with neighbors. Since 2013, Buy Nothing participants have grown to number over a

        million in at least 25 countries. Another gain comes a study from University of North Carolina that showed that positive social connections could improve health and mood.   

We understand that we have shared a good amount of good news in this blog and it could be hard to keep track of it all. But it can show you how many problems are being tackled in different manners. It can also show how serious organizations are to solve global warming. We hope you have enjoyed this good news and will share your own good news with us  on this subject.


P.S. If anyone wants to read more on these items, you can contact Carol. I have the newsletters and magazines. Notice we also gave you several websites you may go to.

On a personal note, I experienced good news when I attended Earth Day in Ft. /Thomas, KY. There were so many booths explaining what they were doing to help the environment.

In my last  magazine from Washington University, the professor Eleanor Paradini talks about a class she teaches called Beyond the Evidence.

“On climate, portraying people working  together is more effective than showing  lone polar bears adrift on a small patch of ice.”


I was thrilled to realize so many people were concerned and doing something. This inspired me and made me feel high with excitement!!!


It made me feel less alone knowing others were working to make the world better for all of us, including trees and creatures.


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11 de jun.

Emphasizing the positive gives people energy to do the work. On Sunday, 60 Minutes had something that I vaguely watched about trapping gas energy that was being wasted. Hmm.

I still believe that tiny houses or modular building can really help.

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