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A peace & justice church

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THe Beauty
of Peace

Ripples are created by those courageous enough to leap into the water, believing even

the smallest act done with great love can have an impact on our world for generations to come.


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Who We are

Located in the heart of the Queen City, our church is rooted in the Christian Anabaptist principles of peacemaking, community, and following the way of Jesus in life. We hold as central to our faith the commandment that Jesus taught as a summary of all the great teachings — that we love God with all our strength, mind and spirit; and that we love our neighbors as ourselves.

all are welcome

We are a Christ-centered, welcoming, and inclusive church community committed to peace and justice.

We acknowledge and affirm the image of God in persons of every race, ability, class, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. We celebrate an open communion in which all who seek a closer journey with God are welcome to participate.

Everyone is invited to join in the full life of the congregation.


our Current Series


Tapping Into the Source of Life and Love

In this sermon series, we'll explore spiritual practices that connect us to the source of all things (God), and how being connected to the source of all things results in a life of love. 

October 30-November 20, 2022

“In the end, we do not so much reclaim what we have lost as discover a significantly new self in and through the process. Until we are led to the limits of our present game plan and find it insufficient, we will not search out or find the real source, the deep well, or the constantly flowing stream.” -Richard Rohr

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We gather on Sunday morning for service at 10:30am (4229 Brownway in Oakley).

Services last approximately 60 minutes and include childcare/children's programming.

Come early for coffee and stick around for good music, an inspiring message, and great conversation. 

You are also invited to join us for small groups and events that happen throughout the week.